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Blocked drains

Often a hidden problem until they reach boiling point, blocked drains can wreak havoc on your home and health. The most common culprits going down our sinks, impeding water flow, and leading to blockages include:

  • Dirt
  • Grease and oil
  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Tissues
  • Small objects
  • Food waste

In the case of a blocked drain, call your local plumber for a rapid diagnosis! H2-Pro’s local plumbers will deliver prompt and professional blocked drain services to identify the cause and fix.

Blocked Kitchen Drains
Blocked kitchen drains

Be wary of what goes down your kitchen sink: avoid the following as these can easy build-up to cause partial or full blockages.

  • Foreign objects
  • Grease and oil
  • Food scraps

Oil and grease are some of the worse offenders, as they accumulate and harden, constricting the walls of your pipes.

Blocked Bathroom & Shower
Blocked bathroom and shower drains

Hair is perhaps one of the main culprits when it comes to blocked bathroom and/or shower drains.

When combined with of soap, it becomes an even bigger problem.

Let H2-Pro’s plumbing drainage experts take a look at your drains and free you from bathroom and shower drain plumbing issues.

Blocked Toilet
Blocked toilet

Avoid the horrors of a blocked toilet!

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to deal with a blocked toilet. This is one of those household emergencies that needs to be addressed rapidly as it can lead to nasty sewer backup.

Steer clear of this mess by avoiding sending wet wipes, nappies, and tissues (yes, tissues!) down the toilet.

Blocked Sewer
Blocked sewer

Hearing a concerning gurgling or bubbling sound coming from your toilet? Waiting around for slow-draining sinks or loos? Experiencing a foul smell coming from your fixtures?

A blocked sewer is a serious plumbing problem that can categorised as an emergency as it can affect people’s health. It must be addressed rapidly by plumbing specialists!

Blocked drains? Let H2-Pro help!

Whenever there is a blocked drain in your home, we understand how frustrating it is to deal with not only the problem but the mess it can lead to, as well!

Avoid spending countless hours and energy by letting our team of qualified local plumbers investigate and solve your drain blockage problems.

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