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Need an emergency plumber in Templestowe this Christmas? Call H2-Pro!

2020-09-14T05:08:56+00:00 December 18th, 2017|Plumbing|

Your home’s plumbing system is generally, for the most part, seldom under duress or extra pressure. It’s safe to say that between work, school and after-hours activities, it’s more likely than not that your home’s plumbing lays dormant for most of the day.

Of course, with Christmas almost upon us, that looks set to change.

Most of us are eagerly looking forwards to our time off. And after a whole year of hard work or school, you deserve the time to yourself.

But as you recline in your favourite chair or start preparing your massive Christmas feast, give a bit of a thought to your home’s plumbing system!

Between you, your family and the revolving door of visitors and guests, your pipes and fixtures are in for their biggest workout of the year! And if your pipes aren’t up to standard, you might be left with a major plumbing disaster on your hands!

Fortunately, you don’t have to let unexpected plumbing problems ruin your Christmas. The team H2-Pro is ready to provide emergency plumbing services throughout the silly season – even on Christmas day!


What could go wrong with your plumbing this Christmas?

Unexpected blockages

Christmas isn’t just the season for giving – it’s also the season of clogged pipes!

We’ve blogged before about the usual culprits of toilet blockages – like wet wipes or paper towels – and while keeping your toilet unclogged during Christmas is obviously important, very few of us put as much consideration into our kitchen sinks.

Your Christmas feast puts a lot of pressure on your kitchen pipes… and we don’t just mean in terms of sheer water usage!

Over Christmas, it’s likely you’ll be doing a lot more cooking than you normally would. If you’re not used to cooking that much, it can drive you insane… it can even tempt you to start cutting corners.

While we don’t blame you for wanting to cut down the amount of time you’re working in the kitchen, we strongly recommend against treating your sink like a bin and pouring all types of material down it.

Because while they might be liquid in the pan, once they have enough time to cool, cooking oil and grease can solidify inside your pipes as a jelly-like substance, building up over time and resulting in blockages. Additionally, avoid washing the following down the drain, as they can soak up water and expand:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Coffee

You can avoid these problems by buying a kitchen sink filter and cleaning all the cooking oil and grease from your pans with a paper towel before rinsing them off in the sink.

These habits are simple enough to get into, but they can save you a major headache… and not just during Christmas!

Strain on your old pipes

If you’ve ever lived in an older house, you’ll know how important it is to always minimise the strain on your home’s pipes… especially if they haven’t been upgraded for a while.

Old plumbing in your home comes with a whole host of problems. For example:

  • Your hot water system might not be able to handle large volumes of water
  • An older toilet could back up easily
  • One of your sinks might be partially blocked
  • Some of your pipes might be worn, leading to leaks

These are just a handful of potential problems that can come with an older plumbing system.

And with the rush of activity that goes on around Christmas specifically, the risk of a major plumbing failure can multiply.

After all, without school and work, you and your family are going to be in the house. And that means running much more water through your home’s plumbing system than normal… and that’s not even taking into consideration cooking Christmas dinner or all the guests you might be entertaining or hosting!

You can avoid having your Christmas ruined by your old water system giving up on you by:

  • Leaving extra time between showers
  • Minimising your water usage
  • Informing guests of any plumbing or appliance quirks!

Better yet, talk to a professional plumber about getting your pipes upgraded today!


Need an emergency plumber in Templestowe throughout Christmas?

You can rely on H2-Pro!

Without a doubt Christmas is the highlight of many people’s calendars. It’s a time to surround yourself with friends and family, enjoy great food, and share gifts with the people most important to you. Perhaps best of all, it’s also a time to switch off, kick your feet up and just unwind.

Unfortunately, your home plumbing might have different ideas.

Plumbing disasters don’t clock off at 5pm – they can happen at any time of the day, any day of the year. And if they pop up during Christmas, you could might end of feeling a lot less festive, and more like the Grinch!

Fortunately, Santa won’t be the only person working throughout the holiday – H2-Pro Plumbing is on call throughout the silly season!

While we’re not quite ready to scurry down your chimney, what we are willing to do is come out at any time during the Christmas holidays to solve your plumbing emergencies.

Whether it’s a blockage, a burst pipe or a failing hot water unit, our team will come to your home with on-the-spot fixes for your plumbing problems.

Do you live in Templestowe or any surrounding suburb? Are you worried about whether your plumbing will be able to cope this Christmas? Touch base with us, or call us now: (03) 9844 1444!

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