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Flexi connectors can be ticking time bombs

2018-10-17T04:57:23+00:00 July 21st, 2015|Plumbing|

Flexible water connections or ‘easy hookers’ as they are known in the trade can be ticking time bombs if they’re not replaced when showing signs of fatigue.

One of the most common plumbing emergency call outs is having to attend to a burst flexible water connection that is flooding a house.

How this can be prevented:

  1. Inspect the braided section of hose for rust spots and oxidisation. If this is present, the connection should be replaced immediately as this is a sign that the inner tube is weeping and could burst at any time.
  2. All plumbing fittings have a maximum operating pressure including flexible water connections. If your water pressure exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications the risk of the part failing (in this case bursting) is highly likely. Under these circumstances a pressure limiting valve should be fitted.
  3. Fit mini stop isolation valves downstream of flexible water connections. If a flexible connection bursts the installation of mini stops allows you to isolate the water supply at the affected point without having to turn the water off to the whole property. Whilst this is only a requirement when installing mixer taps, it’s good practice to fit them wherever flexible connections are present.

If you are unsure of the condition of your flexible water connections it’s well worth getting a plumber to check them out. This cost will far outweigh the cost of the damage caused to your home by avoiding replacement.

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