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Is my plumber gas-qualified? Your local plumber explains gas plumbing qualifications

2018-10-17T02:01:04+00:00 February 28th, 2018|Plumbing|

Who do you call in the case of problems with your home’s gas pipes or appliances?

We’re willing to bet that many of us instinctively reach for our gas suppliers first, or in the case of emergencies, triple-zero.

For many, the second port of call is the local plumber.

But is your local plumber really the right person to be calling for gas-related problems? How do you know if your plumber is even qualified to work on gas at all? What’s a gasfitter, and what do they do?

It can be a bit difficult to determine just what your local plumber can and can’t help you out with. Some plumbers make it hard to understand if they are gas-qualfied too, while others proudly display this service on the side of vans, on business cards, and on their websites, too!

So who should you be talking to in the event of a gas problem in your house?


Can my plumber help me with my gas problems?

A pipe is a pipe, whether it carries water or gas. While we don’t have any statistics on how many plumbers are also licensed gas plumbers, in our experience a good deal of them are – good news if you need a gas line looked at!

What many plumbers opt to do is train as plumbers before eventually upskilling and completing the required courses to specialise in gas-fitting once they have enough practical experience under their belt.

Alternatively, some institutions offer combined plumbing and gas-fitting apprenticeships, and many plumbing certificates even have courses covering gas-fitting (albeit not always to the same level of depth as a dedicated gas-fitting certification).

Licensed gas plumbers

  • Qualified to work on installation and disconnection of gas lines
  • Maintenance of gas lines and pipes
  • If you have any problems with your gas supply, your gas plumber will know what to do!

That said, not all plumbers are qualified to help with everything – including gas.

While a lot of plumbers can offer gas services, plumbing and gasfitting are very different professions. Not all plumbers are qualified to work with gas – although there is some overlap.

So just what exactly is the difference between the two?

Gas plumber v gas fitter

It might sound like we’re splitting hairs, but the distinction between a gas plumber and a gas fitter is extremely important. While there is some overlap, both deal with different gas problems.

  • Gas fitters are licensed to work on gas systems like ovens, cooktops and BBQs
  • Installation and maintenance of gas appliances
  • Can install regulators, gas meters, valves and burners

What they’re not qualified to do is perform repairs or maintenance on the gas pipes and fittings themselves.

In short, gas fitters are licensed to work on appliances that use gas, whereas a gas plumber is licensed to work with the pipes and lines that connect those appliances to the gas supply.

So if your oven is causing you grief and your realise it’s a problem with the oven itself, a gas fitter is the right person to call.

While it might be tempting to lump the two professions together and just ring your plumber, remember that gas is dangerous. Do you really want your gas pipes or appliances being worked on by the wrong person?

Local gas plumber Doncaster 

How can I tell if my plumber is gas-qualified?

So you’ve determined that your problem definitely requires the services of a gas plumber, not a fitter. Now the only question left to answer is whether your regular plumber is qualified to work with gas.

If you’re unsure, ask to see your plumber’s license. All licensed plumbers are issued a photo ID card (that we’re all guilty of spending way too much time playing with) outlining the types of work they are qualified to carry out.

Additionally, if you know your plumbers whole name or practitioner ID, you can find out whether they’re licensed by contacting the Victorian Building Authority or using their nifty online verification tool.

Gas services from your local Doncaster plumber

When it comes to gas, it pays to get the right person for the job. Hopefully this handy guide will help you understand what certifications to look for.

Here at H2-Pro, our team of plumbing pros are also fully-licensed gas plumbers – our unique philosophy of focusing on a small number of suburbs means that relief for your gas and water problems is never far away if you live in Doncaster, MitchamWarrandyte or anywhere in Melbourne’s northeast.

If you want trustworthy advice from a real local and are 100% certain it’s a job for a gas-plumber, give our team of plumbing experts at H2-Pro a ring on (03) 9844 1444, or contact us here.

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