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A Mitcham plumber solves your bathroom problems

2020-09-17T03:32:07+00:00 January 19th, 2018|Plumbing|

Ever had days when staying clean and refreshed is almost a struggle because of unending bathroom woes?

Convenience is never a question when it comes to bathroom usage. Prepping for the day and finishing your personal hygiene routines are bookend practices to your day-to-day life.

And all of this takes place within the four walls of your bathroom.

To help you end the days of annoying bathroom troubles, here are some common bathroom plumbing issues that might need your full attention:


Clogged sink and slow-draining water

The day is ending like any other: you head to the bathroom, wash and moisturise your face, and then start to brush your teeth. This time around, however, you notice the sink is filling up quicker than normal with low-running water.

Off you go: two minutes of teeth brushing, then the tap comes on. Your routine has not changed, so why is it that the water is taking an unusually long time to drain?

A clogged sink brings so much hassle, simply by depreciating the function of your sink and causing annoyance every time you can’t use it properly!  

The cause of blocked bathroom drains

Basically, anything that can accumulate will likely result in a partial blockage, slowing the flow of water down your drain in your bathroom sink or shower. This can include:

  • Hair
  • Soap residue and scum
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Skin cells (yup!)

If you’ve noticed slow-flowing water in your bathroom, we urge you to call a plumber in Mitcham to inspect it for any underlying or potentially larger plumbing problems!


Low water pressure

Stepped into the shower to find that water pressure is weaker than ever before?

Even if you’ve turned the faucet to its maximum level, it seems like water is taking its sweet time to reach you! If this is happening to you, you’re experiencing low water pressure.

This can be one of two issues:

  • A hot water system issue
  • Blocked or dirty showerhead

A qualified plumber will be able to determine the cause – and as such, the right solution – to your water pressure problems.


Sewer smells

When you smell something awful in your bathroom sewer, it’s most likely going to be a (possibly nasty) plumbing problem.

A bad smell can indicate a few things, including:

  • A dried-out water seal
  • A broken sewer pipe
  • Sewer line problems

It’s difficult to diagnose the problem yourself, so for the safety of your home and your entire family, we strongly urge you to call a local plumber who can not only help determine the issue, but fix the problem quickly!


No hot water

Is there anything better than arriving home on a cold winter’s evening than heading straight to a nice warm shower to defrost?

But what happens when you have no hot water?

There are a few reasons you’re without hot water, including:

  • Hot water tank leak
  • Debris build-up within your tank
  • Tank corrosion
  • Loose or damaged water supply line
  • Heat source issue whether it be a gas or electrical problem


Mitcham Plumber

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Remember, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you arrange periodic plumbing inspections in your home.

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