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Need a plumber in Mitcham? Learn about H2-Pro’s free plumbing inspection

2018-10-16T09:18:09+00:00 July 18th, 2018|Plumbing|

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that when it comes to plumbing, the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true.

Our toolbox contains many powerful assets, each of which help us in a different way:

If you ask us however, the most powerful tool at our disposal is preventative plumbing! Taking proactive measures to squash potential plumbing problems before they can affect your water usage or bills in a significant way is hands down the best way to avoid plumbing disasters.

And it all starts with a free inspection, courtesy of your local plumber in Mitcham!


Why you should call a Mitcham plumber for an inspection

Sure, it might look like a minor issue right now. Give it time however, and it could potentially snowball into something more extreme – and damaging.

The problem is that many of these plumbing disasters-in-the-making don’t present visible symptoms until things have progressed too far.

For example: pipes within a home’s walls. Like any other pipe, wear-and-tear makes these pipes prone to rust and leaks.

Unless you have x-ray vision, you’re not going to realise this until it’s started staining your walls or led to mould growth.

And by that point, not only will you need to worry about pipe replacement, but you’ll also have to get your plaster fixed!

A plumbing inspection can help you uncover problems like this before they cause serious damage.

Your Mitcham plumber assesses all aspects of your plumbing system, including:

From there, we’ll write a report for you with any issues we’ve found, as well as potential problems in-the-making.


How H2-Pro’s free plumbing report works

Any plumber worth their salt will be able to perform a plumbing inspection for you.

And there are hundreds of plumbers roaming around Melbourne, eager to receive your business.

So why should you choose H2-Pro?

Why choose H2-Pro?

Choose a Mitcham plumber that keeps you in-the-loop

Many plumbers when performing a plumbing inspection will do their thing and return to you with a sheet outlining everything they’ve found.

At H2-Pro, we like to take things a step further.

Many plumbers don’t appreciate customers following them around and asking questions. Not us! While inspecting your home plumbing, we invite you to walk around with us.

Not only does this allow us to become more familiar with your house and its unique quirks, but it also allows us to act as your plumbing “tour guide”.

Our plumbers walk you through each part of the inspection, telling you exactly what the problem is, the potential cause of it, and why and how it should be fixed.

Receive discounts for on-the-spot fixes

As part of our C.A.R.E motto, we put a big emphasis on customer service. Our team believes that plumbers aren’t just fixers, and that it’s a proper relationship between you and your Mitcham plumber.

Plumber in Eltham

Once we complete our inspection, we’ll generate a report outlining all the problems (or potential problems) we’ve uncovered.

We’ll be upfront with you about which problems are urgent and which ones you ought to keep an eye on.

From there, we provide you with options. Using our fully-equipped vans, our experienced plumbers can offer on-the-spot repairs at a discount.

Our reports detail the exact nature of your problems, and how we can fix it. While we recommend taking us up on our offer, you don’t have to. All of our plumbing inspections are obligation-free… no hard-sell here!

And if a problem we’ve identified does cause you grief later on, we’ll have the details on-file and we’ll be ready to spring into action!

Get a plumber for life!

At H2-Pro, we don’t think that the relationship between you and your plumber needs to end once the job is done. That’s why we make it our mission to ensure our service is so good, that you call us back for all other plumbing jobs in the future!

Live locally? Register as an H2-Pro member to receive 10% off every plumbing job, forever. That includes emergency jobs too! Join here – it’ll only take you a minute!

Did we mention it’s free?

All of H2-Pro’s inspection reports are 100% FREE. One of our experienced plumbers will turn up and:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing system
  • Generate a report detailing what we’ve uncovered
  • Provide qualified advice and opinions
  • Write up a quote for on-the-spot repairs

Emergency Plumber

Need a plumber in Mitcham? Get in touch with H2-Pro today!

Do you live in Melbourne’s north-east? Do you need a plumber in Mitcham to inspect your home and uncover potential plumbing woes?

If so, get in touch with the team from H2-Pro for your free plumbing inspection report!

Our team is experienced, well-equipped and is 100% dedicated towards delivering you top-notch customer service rarely associated with tradies. Offering free inspection reports is just one part of that equation!

Get immediate help from a plumber in Mitcham today. Give our team a call today on (03) 9844 1444, or reach out to us online to schedule your inspection!

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