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About H2-pro Plumbing

Find out more about Tony and his team at H2-Pro plumbing.

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A message from Tony…

Most of my plumbing apprenticeship was spent with a boss who was not your typical plumber. His shirt was tucked in, his pants pulled up, and he insisted that his employees were clean, tidy and prompt at all times.

When I first decided to go out on my own in 2000, I wanted to instil these same principals and many more in my own business.

I had all the hands on skills required as I had worked in all types of plumbing situations – commercial plumbing, industrial plumbing, new homes and general plumbing maintenance. I also had the enthusiasm and the motivation to make my business the best that it could be and exceed customer expectation.

So we created H2-Pro Plumbing, a family run business that offers more than ‘Bum Crack and Blue Heeler’ plumbing. We wanted to reinstate good, honest, old fashioned customer service that is not usually associated with tradesman. We cover all plumbing services and operate in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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First we started with the basics:

Arriving on time

Simple things like arriving on time, clean and friendly staff who wear a recognisable uniform and professional looking vehicles.

Taking the pressure off

Taking the pressure off the customer knowing that a tradesman is going to be entering their property and often their home.

Showing respect

Tradesman who remove their rubbish and their boots and give up-front fixed prices before beginning the job.

These were our initial goals.

More recently, we have taken things a little further.

In today’s world, people like to do a lot of things online so you can now do all your booking over the internet.

We have also added Membership Programs and Referral Cards that reward the customer, no strings attached.

We love repeat business and we get lots of it.  Word of mouth referrals keep our advertising costs down and we genuinely want to give back to those who help us along the way.  Referrals are also a sign that our customers are happy with the service they are receiving from us which is terrific.

So if you are looking for a courteous, reliable and on-time plumber – give us a go!  We would love to help you with any of your local plumbing requirements.

Expert Plumbing Services
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