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Need to find a plumber who offers a fast response, competitive prices, and a cheery work ethic that will ensure you choose them for all your plumbing jobs – for life?

Luckily for you, you’ve found H2-Pro Plumbing!

Mitcham is a diverse suburb full of both young and old. It is interesting to learn that, according to data collected in 2011’s Census, 77% of dwelling types in Mitcham are separate houses. Just 9% are flats, units, or apartments, while a small 7% are semi-detached houses like townhouses.

Further, 39% are owned outright, like 38% are owned with a mortgage, and the rest (18%) are rented. With a struggling market and the price of real estate in Melbourne soaring, we can assume that a vast majority of the homes that are owned outright in Mitcham err on the older side.

With age come problems, especially in plumbing. So if you’re worried about the state of your home’s plumbing, call a Mitcham plumber today for immediate advice and solutions.

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Plumbing problems aren’t just limited to business hours. Accidents, leaks and disasters can occur at anytime!

H2-Pro’s team of qualified plumbers is available 24/7, every day of they year – public holidays included! So if you’ve ever wondered how to solve plumbing problems after hours or on a weekend, you can call H2-Pro for emergency plumbing in Mitcham.

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Emergency Plumber Mitcham

The bottom line is that plumbing, like almost any other material in the world, deteriorates over time. However, proper maintenance is definitely key to prolonging healthy plumbing, as is preventative care. If you suspect something in your home (or you’re spotting signs like a higher water bill or damp walls and ceilings), call a qualified plumber who will help identify any underlying plumbing problems.

Are you searching for reliable plumbing services in the Mitcham area? Then call H2-Pro today! With a professional and courteous team servicing Melbourne’s northeast, we’re here to help you 24 hours and day and 365 days a year! Contact us here or call now: 9844 1444.

Same day service?Usually – depending on the problem
Next day service?Yes
24-hour emergency service?Yes
Distance from H2 Pro?Located just a few kms away in Warrandyte, we’ll be there to solve your plumbing problems.

Plumbing problems in older homes

Old sewer pipes

Older makes of these pipes were often constructed from clay, and clay is susceptible to cracking as well as root intrusion.

Poor water pressure

One of the more frustrating things in life, poor water pressure can be due to corroded pipes that impede water flow. A drain camera can inspect and determine an underlying issue.

Rusty pipes

If you notice a yellow or brown tinge in your water, that might be a sign of rust build-up in your pipes. This is a common sign of pipe decay.

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