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6 major signs of a leaking pipe

2020-09-29T02:47:47+00:00 September 29th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Subtle, small leaks are rarely noticed until they cause major property damage. Not only will an undetected leaking pipe increase your water bill, it sadly wastes over 2,000 litres of water a month. This is why it’s extremely important to routinely check for signs of leaking pipes in your home.


As a homeowner, you are responsible for fixing pipes on your property to preserve water – Australia’s most needed resource. As water damage starts appearing in places around the home, the faster you notice, the less damage is created.  Here are the signs you should pay attention to that cause a leaky pipe. When you notice any of these signs, fix the leak by contacting H2Pro Plumbing.


  1. Mould on walls, roof or floors – Bathroom mould in showers is a common occurrence in even the cleanest homes. However, if you’ve started noticing mould appearing in places outside of the shower or bath, you may have a leaky pipe on your hands. Often when a pipe is leaking, a sign you may overlook is mould. Mould found on walls, ceilings and floors is not normal and there is a high chance you have a leaking pipe. 


  1. Musty smell – When water groups in one stagnant place, an unappealing odour will begin to travel through your home. While there may be no signs of visible damage yet, mould may be inside the walls, floor or ceiling creating a musty smell. The longer the smell is left, you may start seeing physical damage that affirms you have a leaking pipe. When a musty odour appears, know that this is not normal and you should check in with a professional plumber for a leaky pipe. 


  1. Stains or damaged walls, floors or ceilings – If you are noticing stains on your ceiling, walls or floors you may have a leaking pipe. This can also appear as bubbling, peeling wallpaper or sagging paint caused by leaks within those areas. While humidity can also cause this issue in homes, you will want to keep monitoring the area to prevent further damage if you have a hidden leak. It is best to regularly check for these small details that can signal a leaking pipe early on. 


  1. Cracks in walls  – Sudden cracks in the infrastructure of your home may be a result of leaking pipe damage. While it is common for homes to develop small hairline cracks overtime in the ceiling or walls, sudden widening cracks may be caused by a leaking pipe. If you are noticing cracks appearing suddenly, this is not an ideal situation as there may be water damage that is affecting the foundation of your home. In this case, it is best to seek an expert plumber to find and fix the leak as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. 


  1. Wet spots – If you have a  leaking pipe, you may notice wet spots around the outside of your home. Even if there has been no rain you might see pooling of water. If this is happening also inside your home there is a high chance you have a leaking pipe. The longer this occurs, mould and damage will follow. Therefore, if you’re noticing wet spots outside or inside your home, you should contact a plumbing professional swiftly to avoid structural damage and other implications to your home.  


  1. Increased water bill – No one likes receiving a huge water bill, especially if you’ve been taking appropriate measures to save water. An unexplainable high water bill is a common sign of a leaking pipe. Even if the pipe leak is small, you could be adding hundreds of litres per day to your usage. Additionally, leaks in hot water systems also will spike your energy bill. 


If you think you may have a leaking pipe, contact H2pro Plumbing for a fast, efficient and expert solution to your leaking pipe. As Michem emergency plumbers we also provide after hour plumbing to fix leaking pipes, blocked drains and toilets, hot water systems and installation, burst pipes and more. Call an expert H2pro Plumbing today.

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