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A Rosanna plumber explains how how to identify and fix a leaking pipe!

2018-10-16T08:07:29+00:00 September 7th, 2018|Plumbing|

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Plumbing leaks are no fun to deal with. Not only are they annoying, but they also have the potential to add to your water bill.

Luckily, a case of a leaking tap is relatively easy to identify and fix. Just follow the tell-tale dripping until you find the source.

A leaky pipe on the other hand? That’s a completely different story! Just ask your Rosanna plumber…


What is it harder to identify a leaky pipe?

In the vast majority of homes, pipes are installed inside wall cavities and underneath the floor in crawl spaces.

Unless you have x-ray vision,detecting leaks before the damage is done is challenging!

Luckily, there are a couple ways you can pick out a leak early on…

Perform the meter test

One of the first things you should check is your water meter. Your water meter gives you an overview of your overall water use – and that includes leaks!

When you use water, the meter moves and fluctuates.

Check for leaks by turning off every single tap, faucet and appliance that uses water.

Essentially, make sure no water is being used at all.

If the water meter is still moving, you may have a leak somewhere in your house.

Don’t know how to read your water meter? Click here to watch a handy video that details how.


Check your toilet

Toilets are one of the most common sources of pipe leaks. Luckily, if you have a bit of food dye on hand, you can pick out any toilet leaks with ease!

Take the lid off the toilet cistern and add a few drops of food dye. Don’t flush – instead, let it mellow inside the cistern and wait for any change in the toilet water – this might take a few minutes.

If the food colouring makes its way into the toilet bowl, then you have a leak somewhere between the cistern and toilet bowl.

Look for damp spots and water stains

Are patches of your ceiling damp? If so, you might have a pipe leak on your hands!

This is especially relevant to homeowners who live in double-storey houses. A stain or damp spot on your ceiling means two things:

  1. There’s a pipe directly above the spot
  2. Said pipe is currently leaking

Ceilings aren’t the only spots to keep an eye out for wet spots. It’s also important to periodically check underneath all of your sinks for water.

Closeup Of Plumber Fixing Pipe With Wrench

Check for pipe damage

Outdoor pipes don’t have the luxury of wall cavities to protect them from the elements.

Combine that with high-water pressure and constant usage, and you have the perfect recipe for leaky pipes.

Take a look at any exposed piping in your house. Do you see any signs of rust or decay around your outside pipes? Is the immediate vicinity always damp?

If so, you may have a leak on your hands!


Fix leaky pipes for good by calling an emergency plumber in Rosanna

What’s the best advice we can give if you’re suffering from leaky pipes? Getting an emergency plumber to look after it for you, that’s what!

For starters, this list of symptoms isn’t exhaustive.

Even if you follow these tips perfectly, there are still some leaks that are completely undetectable. If you can’t figure out where your leak is, you need a qualified Rosanna plumber on your side.

Not to mention, fixing a leaky pipe isn’t always going to be as simple as retightening a joint.

What happens when your leaky pipes require entire sections of piping to be replaced?

Very few people have the resources to weld or cut new pipes on their own – even fewer can do it without accidentally messing up the measurements or fit.

In these situations, you’ll want to rely on an emergency plumber.

Based in Melbourne’s north-east suburbs, H2-Pro offers unmatched emergency plumbing in Rosanna and beyond.

It’s not just leaky pipes, either. Call a Rosanna plumber for a wide range of services, including:

  • Hot water service
  • Unblocking drains
  • Fixing burst pipes
  • Unblocking sewers

Unsure if your pipes have sprung a leak? Need help for the next step? Give our team of Rosanna plumbers a call on (03) 9844 1444 today, or get in touch with us online!

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