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An Eltham plumber diagnoses and solves your laundry problems

2020-09-15T00:52:16+00:00 January 4th, 2018|Plumbing|

They say it’s the little things that matter most. And that’s something Eltham plumbers would agree with.

While we don’t know about you, at H2-Pro we agree completely! Sometimes, it’s really the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.

And in our opinion, there are few things nicer than that feeling of freshness that comes with putting on freshly cleaned clothing from the laundry room.

Of course, without good laundry plumbing, you’re probably going to miss out on this one – more importantly, you may have to go days without clean clothes, towels or sheets. Perish the thought!

Needless to say, ensuring that your laundry plumbing is up to the task and fixing any issues ASAP is pretty important! That’s why today, our Eltham plumber will be running through a list of common domestic laundry room problems, as well as how you can fix and avoid them coming back like cockroaches later on.


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Laundry draining problems

Have you ever gone to dry the laundry, only to be greeted by a washing machine that’s full to the brim with water – or worse, a floor that’s completely flooded with sudsy greywater?

If you said yes, there’s a good chance that your laundry may be experiencing drainage problems!

When your washing machine does its business, the water that it uses drains out through a series of pipes into the wastewater system.

Sometimes however, things don’t go according to plan. When the drains your washing machine uses to get rid of greywater fill up, that water has nowhere to go. So the dirty water stays in the washing machine.

So yes, you might be soaking your clothes in dirty water… for an entire wash cycle.

Yikes! Talk about an unpleasant surprise. Many laundry problems can be traced back to inadequate drainage.

As your washing machine uses up water, the old water drains out. If your drain lines aren’t doing their job however, you end up with a washing machine full of greywater… not to mention, a very dirty basket of laundry!

In our experience, most drainage problems can be traced back to the drain lines in your washing machine or laundry clogging up. This can be caused by particles from detergent soaps, hair and loose fibres from your clothes.

If you notice water starting to fill up your washing machine, it might be time to get your blocked drains inspected and cleaned!

Another potential cause is the water pump in your washing machine not being up to the task.

The pump is responsible for expelling used water, so if it’s faulty then naturally you’re going to be seeing dirty water stay in your washing machine.

If you believe the issue lies with your pump, call a local repair shop for a quote. Or better yet, talk to a local plumber for a whole-laundry inspection!

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Laundry floods or leaks

Another common problem is your washing machine flooding your laundry.

We know, it sounds like a joke from Looney Toons or The Simpsons… but trust us when we say that it can happen in real-life too!

And in many cases, the culprit is your laundry plumbing.

If you walk into the laundry and find the floor flooded with nasty greywater, more likely than not the problem lies with your drains themselves:

  • Your laundry pipe might have burst
  • The exit pipe could be completely clogged, leading to water backing up
  • The connection between your washing machine and the drainage pipe could be faulty

This problem is especially prominent in old houses, or homes where the plumbing systems haven’t been updated for a while. After all, washing machines weren’t always as big or as water-intensive as they are now.

Some older houses actually use a common exit pipe for both the kitchen and the laundry – talk about a disaster waiting to happen!

These leaks are much more than a pain to clean. Not all leaks result in laundry floods after all, and smaller ones can go completely unnoticed by you and your family.

Combine an unnoticed laundry leak with the dank caverns underneath your washing machine and you have a recipe for severe mould… or worse, water damage to your floors and walls!

If you want to avoid damp floors, walls and the pain of cleaning up a miniature flood, regular plumbing maintenance is a must.

Shut-off valves

Another thing you can think about is installing emergency shut-off valves.

These devices prevent water from spilling over and serve as water leak detectors that regulate the flow of water from your washing machine.

The valves detect the current flow of water your washer and close the water inlet valves when it senses that your washing machine is starting to back up. You can be sure that these valves are closed for the rest of the wash cycle or until enough water has drained out to continue.

Regular maintenance schedules are essential in ensuring that all your laundry pipes are running smoothly. And while it might hit your back pocket now, frequent plumbing inspections can save you time and money further down the line.


Need an emergency Eltham plumber?

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Where would we be without our laundry room and washing machine?

Smelly, for one!

But in all seriousness, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a functioning laundry; it’s something we definitely take for granted… until it doesn’t work the way it should, that is!

If your laundry is giving you trouble, it may be time to get it looked at by a professional plumber.

No matter where you live in Melbourne’s northeast, clean clothes and a trouble-free laundry room are only a phone call away. So what are you waiting for? Get your laundry problems diagnosed and solved today – contact us online or call us anytime: (03) 9844 1444.

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