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Can a Plumber Do Gas Fitting?

2021-02-03T23:49:40+00:00 February 3rd, 2021|Plumbing|

When you require gas fitting services, most people don’t usually think of plumbers. Plumbers usually offer services such as repair, installation, and maintenance of water and sewage lines. They help maintain the freshwater and wastewater systems in residential and commercial properties. Gas pipes require specialized knowledge, training, and experience different from that of plumbing. However, many plumbers get their gas fitting certification that makes them eligible to provide plumbing and gas fitting services.

What is Gas Fitting?

Gas fittings include pipelines and fittings designed to connect the source of natural gas or LPG to a gas appliance, a gas container, or associated flues. Gas fittings involve installing, repairing, servicing, and replacing gas systems and pipes in residential and commercial properties. If you need gas pipe replacement or are worried about gas leaks, you will most likely call a professional gas fitter. But, a growing number of plumbers in Australia obtain the permits that allow them to offer gas fitting services in addition to plumbing services to their clients.

Many people call qualified plumbers for gas fittings during emergencies such as gas leak detection or broken gas pipes, but they can carry out a wide range of other tasks as well. They include installing new pipes, gas appliances like hot water systems, stoves, cooktops, and gas BBQs. They also show homeowners the right way to use their gas appliances and resolving any recurring gas problems. Even if you are renovating your house, it is important to call a specialized plumber to help disconnect and install appliances. Trying to relocate gas appliances on your own can be dangerous and should always be handled by professionals as any mistakes in handling gas lines can be fatal.

Is It Legal for a Plumber to Work on Gas Pipes without License?

It is illegal for a plumber without a special license to work on pipes or appliances connected to gas. Before you hire a plumber to work on gas fittings, it is important to check if they have the necessary licenses and training. They also need to offer insurance and a warranty on the work they provide. Thus, it is essential to carry out a thorough check on the plumber you consider hiring when you need help with gas fittings in Australia.  Don’t try saving a few dollars by hiring an amateur or inexperienced person to deal with gas fittings, because it can prove to be far more costly than you can imagine.


Gas services from your local Doncaster plumber

When it comes to gas, it pays to get the right person for the job. Hopefully this handy guide will help you understand what certifications to look for.

Here at H2-Pro, our team of plumbing pros are also fully-licensed gas plumbers – our unique philosophy of focusing on a small number of suburbs means that relief for your gas and water problems is never far away if you live in Doncaster, Mitcham, Warrandyte or anywhere in Melbourne’s northeast.

If you want trustworthy advice from a real local and are 100% certain it’s a job for a gas-plumber, give our team of plumbing experts at H2-Pro a ring on (03) 9844 1444, or contact us here.

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