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A gas plumber in Warrandyte shares everything you need to know about gas leaks

2020-09-14T05:10:16+00:00 October 31st, 2017|Plumbing|

Around 83% of Victorian households have a mains gas connection. Safe to say the vast majority of us use gas in the home for cooking, heating, and more! It’s so commonplace that we hardly ever give it a second thought… except when something goes wrong.

Just last month, a St Kilda apartment went up in flames as a result of a leaky gas tank.

While in most cases the results of gas problems are thankfully not as catastrophic as this example, it’s still important to make sure your gas plumbing is safe at all times and to understand what to do in the event of a gas leak or other problem.

So how do you know if your home’s gas system is safe? And if it isn’t, what can you do to protect yourself and your family?


Does something smell off? You need a gas plumber

If you ever come home and notice the tell-tale odour of gas, the first thing you should do is turn off all your appliances, switch off your pilot light, open your home’s windows, cut the supply of your gas meter and leave your home.

Getting your family out of the house in the event of a gas leak is your first priority. Never under any circumstances should you attempt to locate the source of the leak yourself. Four words: It’s not worth it.

In an emergency or if you or someone around you is in immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000).

The next immediate step you must take is to call your local gas plumber!

It’s not enough to call any old plumber, however. Gas behaves very differently from water, and its power must be respected. Gas plumbers require a different certification from drainage and water supply plumbers. That’s why it’s important to call a certified gas plumber when you experience any gas-related issues in your home.

So if you come home to that unmistakable rotten-egg gas smell, you can rely on H2Pro’s 24/7 emergency gas plumbers. From the crack of dawn to midnight, our highly qualified gas plumbers will come over and fix your plumbing woes!


An ounce of prevention…

… is worth a pound of cure. And when it comes to your home’s gas fittings, this couldn’t be truer!

Some choose to save costs by letting issues lie until they become problems later down the line. We couldn’t disagree more with this course of action.

Dealing with gas leaks as they happen is stressful and disruptive. In our opinion, rather than wait for disaster to strike, it’s best to be proactive in ensuring that your home’s gas appliances and fittings are healthy and up to scratch.

Here’s another important thing to consider: while major gas leaks are impossible to miss, minor gas leaks can be small enough to evade detection. A tiny nick in your homes gas lines might not be large enough to smell or otherwise identify until it’s too late – just another reason to have your gas system and fittings regularly inspected!

Energy Safe Victoria recommends getting your gas appliances and lines checked every two years. And we agree!

If you think your home’s gas systems need a check-up, it may be time to talk to a certified gas plumber. Arrange a quote with the H2-Pro team for an inspection of your home’s gas fittings and for peace of mind.

local gas plumber

Your local gas plumber in Warrandyte

If thinking about your house’s gas lines and fittings is making you anxious, it may be time to get them checked out by a professional. Need a pro? Choose H2-Pro!

Our 24/7 emergency plumbing service is available no matter what time a gas emergency strikes. If you live in Melbourne’s northeast (including Warrandyte, Box Hill, and Doncaster) our Warrandyte plumbers are sure to be there when you need us. We urge you to save our number (03) 9844 1444 in your phone for rapid plumbing assistance.

We are strong believers in preventative plumbing to keep your family safe. Get peace of mind now – today’s the day you start scheduling regular gas check-ups from your local gas plumber. Contact our team today and we’ll get in touch, or call now!

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