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Is your heater in “hot water”? Common hot water system issues

2018-10-17T03:24:56+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Plumbing|

The winter months can be cold and brutal, and while we mightn’t be quite allowed to complain about the cold like our European or Canadian friends, our winters can still be chilly… especially for us Aussies!

There’s not much worse during this chilly spell than no hot water… so if your hot water system has gone bust, there’s no doubt you need rapid repair from a plumber in Eltham!


No hot water? No bueno!

Waking up one chilly morning with no hot water to use in the shower is not the way you want to start your day!

There are several factors that might contribute to your water heater’s inability to heat and to produce hot water. We look at some of the most common below.


Is your hot water system defective?

If you’ve had your heater for many years, the chances that general wear and tear will affect its functionality is high.

As your heater ages, it’s important to have it periodically checked through ongoing plumbing maintenance. This is where someone like H2-Pro comes into play!

Having your hot water system checked by plumbing professionals will allow you to find out if some parts need changing, whether it’s working to its full efficiency, or whether an outdated system should be replaced.


Are water sediments causing build-up?

Water that runs through your plumbing system carries very tiny minerals and other debris.

As water is being heated, the unwanted debris may begin to settle at the bottom of your tank.

Over time, the mineral deposits will accumulate and a build-up will ensue. Once this happens, your system’s ability to heat water may be affected.

If you hear a banging or popping sound inside your heater, that could be a sign of a sediment build-up. This is not an indication that you should start evaluating the problem yourself; it’s now time to call a plumbing expert!

Remember that you are dealing with heat, hot water, and in some cases, a gas unit. We can’t stress this enough: it’s imperative that you leave this task to a qualified plumber in Eltham!


Is there a leak in your hot water tank?

If your water heating system produces only a limited amount of hot water or none at all, the most likely cause is a leak.

A leaking water heater can be an indication that there’s something wrong with the system.  If a leak is discovered, the following causes might be:

  • Tank corrosion
  • Faulty temperature pressure reducing valve (PRV)
  • High water pressure
  • Broken heating element gasket
  • Loose or damaged water supply line

This list is not exhaustive, so in addition to possible causes listed, above there are in fact other factors that may also contribute to a failing unit. To fully understand the cause – and most importantly, the solution – contact your local professional!


Do you need a plumber in Eltham to repair your hot water system?

Whatever the cause of your unit’s incapability to produce hot water, you mustn’t neglect the very real risk of unregulated plumbing work.

If you’re a homeowner in and around Eltham who needs immediate help in repairing your hot water system pronto, you’ll need a plumber in Eltham. Fortunately, Tony and his team of plumbing specialists are only a phone call away!

Contact us now, and remember, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services – so we’re here when you need us most.

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