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Need a plumber? A plumber in Warrandyte explains why it pays to go local!

2018-10-17T01:44:43+00:00 March 27th, 2018|Plumbing|

If you’ve been following our adventures around Warrandyte, you might have noticed something about H2-Pro that distinguishes it from a lot of other plumbers.

Namely, the fact that we focus solely on serving residents in north-east Melbourne – in particular, suburbs in Manningham, Nillumbik and Maroondah.

Some might question why our plumber in Warrandyte doesn’t service all of Melbourne.

While it may sound a little more unconventional, there’s a perfectly good reason we cast such a narrow net regarding our service area – in fact, there are several!

So, why do we do it? And how do you, the customer, benefit from this?


Why it pays to go local: speedy plumbing services

When something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing, you don’t want to be left out to dry.

If you’re like any other person in Melbourne, you want your plumbing problems fixed – ASAP!

Calling a plumber from the other side of Melbourne means waiting for your plumber to kit up, plug your address into GPS, and make the commute to your house.

When all you want is to get the water running again, every extra minute you wait can feel like a nightmare.

When you go local, you can have your plumbing problems diagnosed and fixed, pronto. A local plumber will know your area like the back of their hand, so you can be confident the help won’t get lost en route.

Furthermore, you can be confident that your local plumber will be on-site much quicker, thanks to a significantly reduced travel time.


Choose a local plumber who knows your area

Not all suburbs are the same when it comes to plumbing – in fact, some have very unique problems!

For example, our neck of the woods (North Warrandyte specifically) is home to a large number of houses that over the past few months have become ready to connect to Yarra Valley Water’s new sewerage system.

As Warrandyte locals, we’re aware of the importance of this program, which is why we offer sewerage connection services for homes in a variety of suburbs that can now connect.

When you choose a local plumber, you don’t just get speed and lower callout fees – you also get a plumber that is in-touch with the unique plumbing problems you may be facing.


Choose H2-Pro’s plumber in Warrandyte to not only support local business, but your community, too

When you choose a local plumber, you also support your local community.

Plumbers are people too, and like many people, we want to see our local communities thrive – that’s why many of us choose to give back to local schools, charities, and sports clubs.

Our Warrandyte plumbers support your local community

In addition to keeping the local economy afloat, choosing a local plumber for your plumbing problems also strengthens your local community.

We’re also big fans of the cleverly-named Who Gives A Crap.

This Melbourne-based charity sells recycled toilet paper and gives 50% of their profits to sanitation projects in the developing world. To date, they have donated more than $1.2 million to charity – simply amazing!

We do our part by giving rolls to our customers to introduce them to this great initiative and get the conversation started.

Warrandyte plumbers


Need a local plumber in Warrandyte or surrounds?

Choose H2-Pro for all your plumbing needs!

When choosing a plumber (or any other tradie, for that matter) it always pays to go local.

Do you need a plumber in Warrandyte, Doncaster, Eltham, or any other suburbs in Melbourne’s north-east?

Call H2-Pro for all your plumbing needs!

As a local plumber, we’re bouncing around Melbourne’s northeast all day, providing a variety of plumbing services.

Whether it’s something as simple as unclogging a toilet all the way up to a new sewer connection (and beyond), to the complex (complete kitchen and bathroom renovations), give us a call on (03) 9844 1444 or use our contact form to get in touch with your local plumber!

Best of all, locals get 10% off all future plumbing jobs when they register with us – so what are you waiting for? Join the H2-Pro family and benefit from speedy plumbing services, including 24/hour emergency plumbing!

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