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Our Templestowe plumbers explain why your water pressure is so high!

2019-05-30T03:10:29+00:00 May 29th, 2019|Plumbing|

While issues like leaky pipes and blocked drains are pretty easy to spot, there are other problems that are harder to identify – some you might not even recognise them as problems to start!

Case in point: excessive water pressure.

Wait… high water pressure is a bad thing?

Yep, you heard us right! But how about we clarify it further – excessively high water pressure is really what we mean.

High water pressure is one of the leading causes of damage to the water pipes, fixtures and appliances in your home.

It can lead to minor and major leaks that can cause you to lose both water and money.

That’s because high water pressure adds strain to your plumbing. Over time, this can:

  • Wear out joints and welding
  • Accelerate erosion in your pipes
  • Damage your hot water system
  • Result in bursts as your pipes give up
  • Damage tap internal seals and washers

That’s why it is so important to know what can cause your water pressure to rise. If you know the catalysts, you can prevent it from happening to you and take action (such as contacting your local Templestowe plumber!)

Signs your water pressure is too high

Trust us, if you’re suffering from extremely high water pressure, you’ll know!

If you notice any of these following issues, it may be time to get on the phone and ring your local Templestowe plumber – chances are, your water pressure is way too high.

Fixing the problem the instant these symptoms start appearing minimises the risk of suffering an unexpected plumbing emergency further down the line!

Here are some of the more common signs of high water pressure:

  • Running toilet
  • Multiple leaking fixtures
  • Intermittent leaking
  • Abnormal noises from your pipes
  • A loud thud when you turn the taps

Your Templestowe plumber explains the causes of high water pressure

There are multiple issues that can result in your water pressure rising too high.

That’s why it is so important to know the symptoms of high water pressure: you might not always understand the cause, but you will see the symptoms.

It’s still important to familiarise yourself with the main causes of high water pressure.

This will allow you to safeguard your home and prevent these catalysts from ever affecting your plumbing.

High water pressure due to the water supplier

The most common reason that water pressure rises isn’t due to your home’s plumbing. Rather, the problem can lie with your water company!

This is because water suppliers will adjust the water pressure based on community needs.

For example, they may pump the water pressure up in your area due to the presence of fire hydrants, nearby tall buildings or shopping centres like The Pines.

The recommended water pressure for the average home is 500 kilopascals (kpa).

The problem is that fire hydrants and larger buildings need more than that – hence, in many instances water suppliers will raise it to 700kpa or 1100kpa to accommodate.

Water pressure can be measured with a water pressure gauge.  To find out what your water pressure is you can call a local plumber like H2-Pro to measure it for you.  If it is found that your water pressure is too high, we can fit a pressure reducing valve to your water supply.

This will reduce high pressure from the water supplier to a safe pressure before it enters your home plumbing system, thereby protecting your home from high water pressure.

plumber in Templestowe

High water pressure as a result of thermal expansion

Another key reason that the water pressure in your home may rise has to do with your water heater.

When you update or make changes to the hot water system in your home, it may result in higher water pressure.

This happens because water heats up it expands – naturally, this will result in a higher amount of pressure within your pipes.

In cases where your new hot water system is more capable than your old one (a surprisingly common problem, given the age of many homes in Templestowe and the surrounds), this can lead to the new system generating higher pressure than what your plumbing can handle.

This is why it is important to ask your Templestowe plumber about getting a thermal expansion tank within your water system. This will help to eliminate high water pressure as a result of your water heating system.

Or better yet, choose a hot water plumber who can help you avoid this system altogether by choosing an appropriate system right off the bat (a plumber such as, say, H2-Pro!)

Water pressure problems?

Talk to a local Templestowe plumber – talk to H2-Pro!

When you call for a plumber, you’ll want someone who:

  • Knows their stuff
  • Is qualified to perform a wide range of plumbing jobs
  • Is punctual, friendly, and courteous
  • Provides quality workmanship

And most importantly, it’s crucial that you hire a local!

Established in 2000, the team at H2-Pro Plumbing is a family run business that puts an emphasis on giving back to the community.

In addition to offering a 10% discount to locals, we also support our community by giving back to their local sporting clubs, schools and charitable causes.

If you’d like to hear from our professionals themselves, give us a call on (03) 9844 1444, or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!

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