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A plumber in Doncaster reveals the dangers of unregulated plumbing work

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You may think that by doing your own plumbing work, you could be saving yourself a lot of money, but in reality, you’re really just jeopardising the safety of your home. Indeed, there are many dangers associated with unregulated plumbing work. We explore some of the most common below.

Plumbing Doncaster

Plumbing Doncaster


What is “unregulated” plumbing work, anyway?

Plumbing is a serious practice not to be taken lightly by anyone untrained or not certified. Leaving plumbing tasks to the professionals is really your safest and most responsible option.

Choosing to “fix” a plumbing problem yourself could do more harm than good and leave you worse off. Likewise, hiring anyone who isn’t fully qualified is dangerous and a waste of money.

Eventually you will need to hire a qualified expert to fix the problem properly along with any extra damages caused by the unregulated plumbing work. Don’t dig yourself into a hole; head straight for the qualified pros!


The dangers associated with unregulated plumbing work

Pipe problems

Leaking or burst pipes can be incredibly tricky to fix and often need to be replaced. Temporary solutions are not ideal and don’t last; often, they make the situation even worse in the long run.

Fixing pipes is beyond the average person’s skill set, and is a task only certified plumbers must perform. When a licensed plumber takes over, you’re assured your home isn’t at risk of substantial water damage.

Hot water issues

We all rely on hot water, especially during these bitterly cold winter months. An efficient hot water system is therefore really important.

But trying to fix a hot water system problem yourself can be extremely dangerous. You could be putting your home, your family, and yourself at serious risk1

If you think your hot water service needs repairs, don’t try and fix it yourself. It may be that you need to have your system replaced completely. The best was to know for sure what the damage is and how best to manage it is to get in touch with a professional plumber as soon as you can.

Blocked toilets

A blocked toilet can be a nightmare!

It’s certainly not a problem that can be left very long. You don’t really know how important they are until a problem arises… especially if you live in a house with a large family or lots of roommates!

Instead of ignoring the problem and waiting for it to get worse, or trying to fix the issue yourself, call a plumber out today to get you an instant solution. Remember, H2-Pro’s plumbing team are available for services and instant support 24/7!

Blocked toilet


Why H2-Pro’s Doncaster plumbers are right for you

All our plumbers are fully certified and insured, which means they are registered and licenced by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), and certified by the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC).

Plumbing is too big a deal to leave to just anyone. You might think you’re saving time and money by attempting to do it yourself, but the risk you pose (and the further damage you make!) ends up costing you more in the long run. We promise!

Being fully insured covers both you and our plumbers, ensuring you get the best value for money and leaving you with peace of mind. Got a plumbing emergency in Doncaster or the surrounding suburbs? Anytime of the day or night, you can rely on H2-Pro! Call us today!

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