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Save water with these water-efficient appliances and fixtures

2018-10-17T03:48:46+00:00 July 20th, 2017|Plumbing|

Here at H2-Pro, we strongly encourage everyone to practice water conservation. Melbourne can get pretty hot and dry during summer, and our water resources can dip.

Water efficiency can be achieved by using improved technology that will allow you to use less water without compromising quality or effectiveness: it’s a win-win!

H2-Pro are a close-knit team of plumbers in Warrandyte who can install the right water-efficient products in your home. Here are some that you should consider…


Water-efficient products


Aerators for taps and faucets

Aerators are installed over the tap or faucet and their primary purpose is to limit excess water that flows out of a tap. 

Older taps in a home can use up to 15 litres of water per minute; with an aerator, you can crunch that down to as low as six litres per minute. That’s a 60% reduction!

How does an aerator work?

Have you ever used a tap that does not have an aerator? The water pressure is often too heavy, with water spattering about all over the sink. A usually simple task like washing your hands can quickly become a messy one.

An aerator mixes water with air which results in a reduced – and more pleasant – water flow. Without compromising the sensation of water, you can actually reduce the amount of water needed for mundane tasks like washing hands, washing food, cleaning your face, or rinsing dishes.

Aerators can be installed in any tap or faucet in the home. They are also known as flow regulators.


Water-efficient showerhead

According to one study:

  • The average eight-minute shower uses 62 litres of water
  • During a bath, you use around 80 litres
  • A water-efficient showerhead (combined with the recommended four-minute shower) uses just 32 litres of water!

Let’s put that into a little more perspective. Based on one shower per day:

  • An eight-minute shower would use 22,630 litres of water every year
  • A four-minute shower combined with a water-efficient showerhead would use 11,680 litres

That’s a 48 per cent reduction in water usage in the home: all thanks to a better showing attitude (stick to four minutes!) and a water-efficient showerhead.


Water-efficient dishwashers

You likely already know that using a (full) dishwasher is more efficient than washing by hand, but did you know that water-efficient dishwashers can save you even more, in terms of water usage and money on your water bills?

Dishwashers should last you a long time – up to a decade or even more – so it’s important that you treat this purchase as a significant investment.

According to Sustainability Victoria, you should choose a dishwasher that has both an energy and water star rating of at least 3.5.


Water-efficient appliances


What is WELS?

WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labelling scheme. It allows people to quickly and accurately measure the efficiency of water appliances they may like to purchase for their home.

The WELS label contains two important things:

The star rating

The more stars, the more water-efficient a product is, and that means you can save even more water and money.

Water consumption

For example, a WELS label on a toilet will tell you how many litres are used per full flush and half flush, while a tap or showerhead will tell you how many litres of water are used on average per minute.


Why should I conserve water in the home?

The benefits are two-fold:

1) Save water

Help to preserve our environment, reduce pollution, and save resources when you make a pledge to save water in your home.

2) Save money

Less water consumption = lower water bills. It’s as simple as that. Reduce your water usage, and you can reduce your bills, too.


What else can I do to save water at home?

  • Call a plumber to fix a leak as soon as you detect it
  • Keep a bucket in the shower to capture water as you wait for it to heat up. Use this in the garden
  • Turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth (this one is really important to teach youngsters!)
  • Keep an eye out for any dampness, mould, or wet patches which may indicate an invisible leak behind the scenes


Need a plumber in Mitcham, Doncaster, or surrounds?

Leaking taps and toilets or broken fixtures can result in leaks, wastage, and unnecessarily high water bills. Need some quick repairs done in your home? Call the team at H2-Pro today!

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