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Signs your Doncaster plumber should inspect your water heater

2019-06-27T02:01:57+00:00 June 27th, 2019|Plumbing|

Your hot water system is essentially one of the most important parts of your home plumbing system – especially now that we’re smack bang in the middle of winter!

Having a hot water supply is no longer a luxury like it was for our grandparents – nowadays, it’s a must in every home.

And if you want to continue enjoying this staple of modern life, you’ll need to get your hot water system inspected regularly by your local Doncaster plumber.

Ideally, a water heater inspection should be done annually (or at the very least, every two years.)

Without proper care, you might find that your water heater has run into premature – and more importantly, avoidable – wear, tear and damage.

So what are the signs to look out for? Our Doncaster plumbers explains when you might need to give us a call to check out your system. 

Why you need your water heater inspected

Just because you aren’t experiencing any problems with your water heater right now, doesn’t mean you can afford to wait until you do before you finally let a plumber take a look at your system.

Water heaters deal with extreme water pressure and temperatures, which exposes them to a much higher risk of wear and tear situations. Not to mention, they also see daily use – another major risk factor.

If there’s one fixture that absolutely needs regular inspection, it’s your hot water system.

In particular, hot water inspections can…

Extend the lifespan for your water heater

Like many pieces of machinery, constantly turning your hot water system on and off can have the effect of prematurely wearing it out.

Unfortunately, that’s unavoidable when it comes to your hot water system – what are you supposed to do, not use hot water? Of course not!

Extending the lifespan of your water heater starts with regular water heater inspections. 

During these inspections, your plumber will check for signs of problems or damage, and ensure your system is functioning as it should.

Improve efficiency and functionality

Inefficient water heaters are no fun to deal with. Imagine having to wait entire minutes – yes, minutes – for your water to heat up.

In many cases, this is the result of sediments can quickly build up, making your water heater less efficient and using up more water while you wait.

With regularly scheduled inspections from a Doncaster plumber however, you can be sure that minor issues that might affect efficiency (such as blockages or build-ups) are dealt with before they become major issues.

Ensure your home and family are safe

Hot water is dangerous – that’s why hot water systems feature tempering valves to ensure water temperatures never reach scalding levels.

If the tempering valve in your hot water system fails, any outlets that don’t have a valve of their own may start pumping out dangerously hot water!

A hot water inspection can identify issues like this and rectify them, before you experience a scald or burn.

Protect you from a winter without hot water

Just imagine living through winter without hot water – no thanks!

Signs you need your water heater inspected

When you step into your shower cubicle and spend minutes waiting for hot water to no avail, it’s pretty clear that there’s something wrong.

However, not all hot water issues are this obvious.

If you ever notice these issues popping up in your water heater, we suggest contacting your Doncaster plumber right away – you don’t want to be left without hot water, after all!

Unstable water temperature

A complete lack of hot water is an obvious sign of hot water issues.

What you might not know however is that unstable water temperature can be just as bad!

Unstable water temperature is another consequence of mineral deposits building up on your water heater system.

Luckily, it can be fixed relatively easily with immediate cleaning and flushing performed by a local Doncaster plumber.

Hot water leakage

As older water heaters wear out, you might notice suspicious puddles of water building up around your hot water system. 

Leaks can be a sign of serious damage to your hot water system. In particular, it can point to valves developing cracks or coming loose at the joints.

While not dangerous per se, this can result in wasted water, a higher bill and more time spent waiting for your water to heat up.

Doncaster plumber

Strange noises from the water heater

Do you hear strange gurgling, hissing or clangs coming from your hot water system?

If so, you may need an urgent inspection from a Doncaster plumber!

Once again, the culprit is mineral deposits. These deposits can build up to the point where water is impeded, and the flow negatively affected.

The thing is, water comes out of your water heater at high temperature and pressure. When it collides with these blockages, you get strange sounds.

Rusty water 

Many tank storage systems feature metallic parts inside, including coils, valves and more.

The inside of your hot water system is also extremely humid – combine that with metal components, and it’s no surprise that rust is such a relatively common occurrence!

Luckily, rust isn’t inherently dangerous to consume in small amounts, as our friends at Watermaster Plumbing explained.

That said, it isn’t something most of us feel comfortable with either… and for good reason!

Getting rid of rust means getting rid of any rusted components in your hot water system. This is something that only a professional plumber like H2-Pro can do for you.

Low water pressure

Say it with us: “mineral deposits!”

In addition to causing temperature drops and strange noises, mineral deposits can also result in low water pressure.

It’s simple physics: a blockage creates a physical block and reduces the amount of water that comes out – and the water that does manage to pass is considerably weaker than it would otherwise have been.

Dirty and smelly hot water

While mineral deposits may sound like they’re the cause behind every single hot water problem, they aren’t the only ones – case in point, smelly water.

Dirty and smelly hot water is a serious sign of a bacterial infection developing in your water tank.

Under normal circumstances, the heat inside your water heater should prevent this – that’s why water is kept at such a high temperature in the first place.

The issue is when the temperature in your hot water heater drops, for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s an issue with the thermostat, or a leak could be letting heat escape.

Either way, the end result is the same.

If you suspect such a situation, we suggest calling a hot water plumber, ASAP – your health might be on the line!

Get your water heater inspected by a Doncaster plumber

Call H2-Pro to schedule a hot water inspection this winter!

Don’t be left in the cold this winter – get your hot water system inspected today, before things go wrong and you’re left with nothing but freezing cold water.

H2-Pro’s team of Doncaster plumbers can make sure that your hot water system is functioning properly.

We provide hot water service repair, installation, and maintenance, especially for situations that need professional help: 

  • Hot water leaks (whether it’s the tank, unit, pipework or valves)
  • Cold water coming out from the hot tap
  • Inconsistent or unstable water temperature
  • A pilot flame won’t stay alight
  • Water constantly running from overflow (PTR valve)

Whatever the issue is, you can contact our team of local plumbers on (03) 9844 1444 or at this link. We’ll be there quickly, whenever you call us!

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