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What’s causing all these blockages..?

2018-10-17T04:21:31+00:00 September 30th, 2015|Plumbing|


In the last few months we’ve been called to an increasing number of drain blockages, and they’re not caused by tree roots.

The number one offender that we remove from drains, other than tree roots, is baby wipes.

Wipes and other ‘towelettes’ are becoming a very popular bathroom accessory. They’re designed to be durable and they don’t break down when soaked in water like toilet paper does. Designed to be flushed, toilet paper pretty much turns to mush once it comes in contact with water.

Because baby wipes don’t break down, they get caught in the drain. Once one or two get caught, the rest bank up against it and cause a giant plug in the drain. Those that don’t get caught, end up in the ocean.

Most of the packaging will contain warnings however a good rule to follow is anything that’s not number ones, twos or toilet paper, shouldn’t be flushed.

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