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2018-10-17T05:18:02+00:00 March 30th, 2015|Plumbing|

Just for a moment, close your eyes and open your mind. Think about all of the unique little shops in our community.  Now replace them in your mind with multi-international franchised companies, Starbucks or Gloria Jean’s. The Warrandyte Pub now a Hard Rock Cafe.

Quintons IGA gone and a massive Coles in its place selling caged eggs. All those gorgeous little craft and clothing shops replaced with Just Jeans, Sportsgirl and The Reject Shop.  Does it still feel like our local community? The answer is no.

If money continues to be spent outside of the community by people not supporting local shops and industries, this horrible image may well be transplanted over the existing Warrandyte and surrounds. That’s why it is so important to support the local people. Rather than your money going to the Gerry Harveys of the world, why not share it with the community?

Using local means using your local trades people too, not just shopping at the local shops. There are many advantages to using your local trades person. Let’s be honest, we are more concerned about quality control and getting the job done than meeting budgets and sales targets.  Being local we can service you faster, especially  in an emergency. We know the geographical area well and we are familiar with reoccurring problems that are common in our local area. As small businesses our marketing budgets are minimal therefore referrals and word of mouth are extremely important in order for us to survive.  Customer service is paramount to keeping our customers regular and loyal and we strive to go the extra mile.

We LOVE our local community and you can always trust that our duty of care is very high.
The local shop keepers have to see their customers every day and want them to be satisfied. Realistically, you will get a much better service from someone that knows you and whose business is kept alive by these referrals and good reviews than you will from someone whose strings are pulled from the outside.

So let’s keep Warrandyte and it’s surrounds the way they are – let’s support the local shops and the local blokes and gals! We really appreciate referrals and we reward our customers every time they refer us a new client. So feel free to share our website or Facebook page with your friends and family.

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