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Winter woes: a plumber in Warrandyte explains some common hot water problems

2018-10-17T01:31:32+00:00 April 20th, 2018|Plumbing|

Hot water is a godsend during the cold winter months. So much so that during winter, any problem with your hot water system is automatically elevated from a nuisance to a major emergency!

Imagine relaxing in a nice, warm shower only to be interrupted by a sudden pour of scalding hot or freezing cold water!

It sounds like a nightmare already. And with winter fast approaching, it’s a situation you’ll want to avoid. Suffering hot water problems? Call a plumber in Warrandyte for fast solutions – especially before winter hits! Call H2-Pro anytime on (03) 9844 1444.

So, what can you do when…

You suffer from inconsistent water temperature

When you turn your taps on, it’s normal to experience a bit of fluctuation as the water warms up to your ideal temperature.

But if your water can’t seem to make its mind up about how warm it wants to be even after a couple of minutes, then something’s wrong.

Water running hot and then cold is more than just a common metaphor. It’s also a common hot water problem… and in some cases, a dangerous one!

Tempering valves

Last week, we wrote about tempering valves and the role they play in your home.

If you missed it, you can get caught up here, but the long and the short of it is these valves prevent burns by keeping your hot water at a safe temperature level.

Water coming out too hot is a common sign of a faulty tempering valve, and should be looked at by a professional before it causes serious burns or skin damage!

Your tank has sprung a leak

While tankless water heaters are catching on in newer houses, in our experience the vast majority of Aussie homes still use tank heaters that keep a supply of hot water on standby.

Tank heaters have their own unique advantages. However, they also come with weaknesses.

Namely, the fact that a leak in the tank can cut off your hot water supply completely!

This can include the connections and fittings coming loose. Broken drain valves are another thing to look out for – a leak is a major factor affecting the pressure and temperature of your hot water.

If you’ve done all your best to figure out what’s wrong with your hot water system and still can’t figure it out, then it’s time to get in touch with your local hot water plumber.

We’ll help you determine whether you need a repair or complete replacement for your water heater.

You’re dealing with low water pressure

Whether it’s your shower head, kitchen sink or bathroom basin, it’s the same story all over the house: water comes out weak.

Low water pressure from your hot water system might be the result of a build-up of sediment and other minerals. Other factors that can hinder the flow of hot water can include clogs in your taps or aerator.

You might consider checking your bathtub and shower faucet and clean any debris that’s blocking water from flowing.

However, if you don’t want to manually check on the factors suggested, contact a professional plumber in Warrandyte to help identify and resolve the problem.

Your hot water system has reached the end of its lifetime

Like any household appliance, your hot water system has a finite life.

Most hot water systems last anywhere between 10-15 years before requiring replacement. If your hot water system is coming up on this milestone, don’t be surprised if it starts failing on you.

In many cases, an experienced hot water plumber can identify and fix problems with your hot water system, prolonging its life.

Other times, your only course of action if you want to continue enjoying hot showers is getting a new one altogether.

Be sure to contact a plumber about your options regarding your old water heater – whether that’s choosing a new water heater system for your home or patching up an older one.

plumber in Warrandyte

Do you need a hot water plumber in Warrandyte?

With 18 years of experience fixing hot water systems, your H2-Pro is your number one choice for a reliable, local plumber in Warrandyte!

Unlike other plumbers, we focus on being your local expert – we only service Warrandyte and the immediate surrounds, guaranteeing a fast response time and understanding of local plumbing problems.

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