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An emergency plumber in Eltham explains why you should choose a plumber who C.A.R.Es!

2018-10-16T12:12:12+00:00 June 15th, 2018|Plumbing|

You may have noticed at the top of our website an orange sticker with the word “CARE” written on it.

This is more than just a catchy slogan we use to promote ourselves – it’s also a summation of our entire philosophy towards plumbing services!

When we come into your home to fix your pipes or replace your old plumbing, you can be confident that you’re getting a plumber you can trust.

Unfortunately, that statement is more than a little bit vague. It doesn’t really communicate exactly what it is that sets us apart from other plumbers in Eltham.

That’s why we are proud to honour our C.A.R.E philosophy.

Plumber in Eltham

How did we come up with C.A.R.E?

Well, the truth is, we didn’t – our customers did!

A while back, we engaged a marketing professional to actually call up our customers to find out exactly what they thought about us – it was scary, we admit!

The underlying and repeating theme was that Tony and the rest of the H2-Pro team really care about them.

We took this feedback to a local graphic designer – Elke from Curfew Creative – and she created the stamp that features not only on our website, but all over our marketing material.

We are very proud of it, and very grateful to our customers for providing this overwhelmingly positive feedback.

C.A.R.E is the acronym that sums up all the things that make us different and is the philosophy that underpins everything we do.

But what does it stand for?


C” – choose an Eltham plumber that Communicates

All too often, you’ll find a plumber in Yellow Pages (or more likely, Google). You’ll ring them up, book a time, and then, enjoy radio silence for the next four hours while you await their visit.

Communication is the first critical step of our philosophy, and that means we will:

  • Give you a courtesy call to inform you of when we will arrive
  • Help you to understand your plumbing problem, the cause, and how we will fix it
  • Get in touch throughout the year with special offers or important news
  • Educate you about upcoming plumbing infrastructure projects (like the Warrandyte sewer project)

In addition to keeping you up-to-date about the world of plumbing, we’re also 100% transparent about pricing.

Our invoices clearly communicate exactly what we’re charging for. Our team is upfront: what we charge is what you pay, and we communicate clearly when (and why) things may change.

Emergency plumber Mitcham

A” stands for a plumber that Arrives on-time

Our team understands how it feels to have to wait around for someone to turn up… especially if you have other things on (you know, like a job or kids!)

H2-Pro respects your time. You can be confident that we’ll arrive when we say we will, every time.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve called us for emergency plumbing or a regular inspection. If we say we’re turning up at a certain time, that’s when you’ll see us!

Of course, things don’t always go to plan. On the rare occasion we’re running late or stuck in traffic, we’ll give you a courtesy call, so you know where we are and exactly how far away help is.


R” – Respect for you and your home

Your home is one of the most valuable things you own. It’s only natural to be protective of it and everything inside.

The old stereotypes of tradies as messy, dirty, rough and not especially delicate makes many homeowners dread ringing a plumber. For many, this is one of the biggest concerns when calling a plumber for help.

Not us.

Unlike other plumbers, Tony got his start with a plumber who insisted all his apprentices turned up with clean uniforms and polished boots (this was before the trend of hi-vis uniforms and suede work boots – are we showing our age yet?)

Even after parting ways and setting up H2-Pro, we’ve made smashing this stereotype once and for all part of our mission. When you call H2-Pro, you can be confident that we’ll:

  • Remove our shoes
  • Use furniture covers when required
  • Clean up any mess once the job is done
  • Be careful around your property
  • Treat your property with care

Additionally, we respect you as well. Calling a tradesman is more than just a transaction – it’s a service. We offer more than just plumbing – our team offers excellent customer service, the likes of which aren’t usually associated with tradies.

We’re all about reinstating honest and good old-fashioned customer service.

Box Hill plumber

E” – our team of plumbers strive for Excellence – always

Of course, these things wouldn’t mean very much at all if we weren’t good at our jobs!

Operating since 2000, the H2-Pro team has plenty of experience under their belts. We’re always keeping up-to-date with the latest changes and techniques in the world of plumbing.

That’s not the only way we guarantee excellent service, either!

Unlike many other tradies, we limit our plumbing services to north-east Melbourne.

Why? Because it means we’re able to offer even better service for locals. We know the area, we’re raising our kids there, and staying local lets us offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of local plumbing problems
  • Quicker response times for plumbing emergencies
  • Unique services tailored for common problems in your suburb
  • Lifetime plumbing discounts when you choose us as your plumber for life!

If you need an emergency plumber in Eltham let’s say, call H2-Pro. With us, you’ll get a truly local plumber!

Choose a plumber in Eltham that cares… choose H2-Pro!

So there you have it.

All the things that set us apart from other plumbers, all summed up in one easy-to-remember acronym: C.A.R.E.

When it comes to plumbing, you’ll want to make sure your plumber is up to the job. And not just in competency, but the way they treat you!

There are a lot of things to consider. To make things easier, ak yourself: does your plumber C.A.R.E?

We certainly do!

If you need a timely, experienced and respectful plumber in Eltham that keeps you informed every step of the way, give H2-Pro a call.

We tick all these boxes… and more. Better yet, we’re not restricted to Eltham either! Our team does jobs all over the north-east, including Warrandyte, Mitcham, Greensborough and beyond!

Call our team anytime on (03) 9844 1444, or book an inspection online.

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