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Learn all about the parts of a toilet from a plumber in Templestowe

2019-04-22T02:44:03+00:00 April 22nd, 2019|Plumbing|

Have you ever had to call up your plumber to tell them there’s something wrong with the toilet and felt completely out of your depth?

Did you have that sinking sensation in your stomach when they asked what was wrong with it?

Did your mind scramble when they started asking about the different parts and mechanisms of your toilet?

It happens to the best of us. It can be a real pain though because you want to be able to help the plumber who is trying to help you. After all, the sooner your plumber can diagnose the problem, the sooner they can get it fixed for you.

Your local plumber doesn’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of your toilet. If you did, then you wouldn’t need a plumber to come and fix your blocked drain because you could do it yourself!

There are a few basic parts that you can familiarise yourself with though, should you experience any issues in the future.

A basic knowledge of some important parts of the toilet can do wonders when speaking to your plumber over the phone. THe more they know when you initially speak, the quicker they will be able to diagnose and solve the issue when they arrive at your home!

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The basic parts of a toilet your plumber in Templestowe wants you to know


This is a fairly basic part of the toilet. You could probably identify it without the need to do any research!

The bowl of the toilet is, of course, the round part of the toilet where water is stored and waste is collected.

It’s of course the easiest to identify as it’s the most visible part! Because of its accessibility, it’s also the part of the toilet that generally gets cleaned. Therefore, everyone knows what it is!


The tank is the rectangular part of the toilet, usually located above the bowl and set in to the wall, that holds the water that is used to flush away waste.

The tank also contains working parts of the toilet. As you’ll know if you’ve ever taken the lid of your toilet tank, there are multiple gadgets and mechanisms working inside.

Stop valve

The stop valve is usually found in the wall behind your toilet, near the floor.

This controls the water coming from outside into your toilet. The great thing about this valve is that it can be turned off manually using the knob on the end.

This is extremely helpful if you find that the water in your toilet is constantly running. For a temporary fix, you can turn off the supply of water and stop the toilet from overflowing until help arrives.

Supply tube

The supply tube connects the stop valve to the toilet. It is connected to the toilet through the refill tube which lives inside the toilet tank.

Refill tube

The refill tube is designed so that it will only fill the tank with water when it is needed.

It stops the supply tube from constantly pumping water into the tank of the toilet. The float ball indicates to the refill tube when the water needs to be refilled.

Float ball

The float ball lives inside the tank of the toilet as well.

It bobs on the top of the water and indicates how full the tank is.

When it reaches a low level, the refill tube will allow the supply tube to fill the tank with water. Once the float ball reaches the top of the tank again, the refill tube will shut off the supply tubes access to the tank.

Overflow tube

This part can generally be found in the middle of the tank, close to the flush valve.

It is a long pipe that measures the level of the water. When the water gets too high, the overflow tube will help the water to drain out of the tank and into the tube.

The tube empties directly into the bowl of the toilet.

Bathroom interior with new ceramic toilet bowl

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