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Our Eltham plumber investigates if your “local” plumber is indeed… local?

2018-10-16T08:16:37+00:00 August 30th, 2018|Plumbing|

When your pipes are leaking, or your toilet isn’t flushing as it should, who do you call for if not a local Eltham plumber?

We’ve talked about the benefits of going local before. Not only does it support the local community, but it also helps you benefit from a more rapid response from a plumber who understands localised plumbing problems.

Many plumbers claim to be “local”. However, not all of them really are!

So how can you tell if your “local plumber” is indeed a bona fide local with all the perks that comes with it? Our Eltham plumbers are here to help you out!


1) You see them around the place

The first sign your plumber is a genuine local is whether you see them in the community, whether they’re on the job or otherwise.

We don’t just mean seeing their van making the rounds, either. A presence in the local community is much more than just physical location.

A genuine local plumber lives in the community too. They send their kids to school with yours, shop at the same stores as you, and attend the same events. It’s only natural that they want their community to thrive as much as you do!

Many plumbers (H2-Pro included) take an active role in the community as a result. For example, as an Eltham plumber we’re constantly giving back to the Warrandyte and surrounding community through:

If you see your plumber’s name pop up in local businesses or at the local footy oval, you’ve got a genuine local on your hands!


2) Pay attention to their reasons for being late

As we mentioned last time, one of the biggest reasons to choose a local plumber is speed.

Ideally, because they’re local, they’re usually able to turn up on time.

In the real world however, things don’t always go that way. And that’s fine – sometimes a previous callout goes overtime, or traffic is unexpectedly heavy. These things can indeed happen beyond your control!

Regardless, a good plumber will make a courtesy call to alert you to the fact they’re going to run late. When this call comes in, pay attention to the reason they provide.

  • Did they get lost?
  • Did they underestimate travel time?
  • Are they coming from further away?

If they’re darting about all across the city (like Sunshine to Sandringham in a single day!) you could indeed be faced with long wait times, delayed arrivals, and postponed appointments.  

In the future, you may want to choose a different plumber if you want prompt responses… especially in a plumbing emergency!

3) They know what your problem is… before they even turn up

Melbourne wasn’t built in a day. Our city has slowly expanded over the last 200-odd years, with suburbs being added along the way.

Our plumbing systems tell a similar story.

Many older suburbs are populated by homes with older plumbing systems. These homes are often supplied water by plumbing infrastructure from a bygone era.

North-east Melbourne is one such area. As an Eltham plumber, we’re more than aware that our neck of the woods has plenty of home plumbing systems in dire need of an upgrade.

Nearby North Warrandyte didn’t even have a modern sewer system until last year. A handful of properties still haven’t connected to it either now that it’s up and running!

Local plumbers are intimately familiar with the common plumbing problems your area deals with. If they’re able to pinpoint your problem as an issue unique to your area, that means one of two things (or both!):

  • They live locally
  • They spend a lot of time-solving plumbing issues in your area

Either way, you’re onto a winner!

Need a local Eltham plumber?

H2-Pro is a genuine local plumber based in Melbourne’s north-east

Choosing a local plumber doesn’t have to be hard if you live in north-east Melbourne!

Based in Warrandyte, H2-Pro Plumbing offers 24/7 plumbing services throughout Melbourne’s north-east, including Eltham (among others!)

Whether you need help with a small job like clearing a blockage or fixing leaks to something bigger like new sewer connection or bathroom and kitchen renovation, you can count on us, your local plumber!

Call us anytime on (03) 9844 1444, or book online to see how we can help you with all your plumbing needs.

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