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Our plumber in Doncaster shares top tips for shower installation

2020-09-14T05:15:12+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|Plumbing|

It’s official: Australians are some of the cleanest people on the planet.  According to the 2008 survey by Swedish firm SCA, 80% of men and 90% of women shower at least once a day.

Almost 29% of Aussies report showering twice while one in 10 claim a whopping three washes a day!

If you’re one of them, we don’t blame you – who doesn’t enjoy starting their day with a wake-me-up shower or lathering up after a long and tiring day away from home?

But what if you don’t look forward to your evening shower? What if you loathe the prospect of lathering up?

We’re sure you have your reasons – chief among them, your showering space itself!

If you want a shower you’ll look forward to using, there are a couple of things to remember when preparing for shower installation.


Do your homework when it comes to shower installation

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

That applies to almost every aspect of life, including shower installation!

Start by deciding what shower style would you want for your home.

The decision to install a shower should always be preceded by careful research with consideration for your budget and bathroom style. Some important questions include:

What type of shower head fits your needs?

Everyone has their own taste. Consider whether a wall-mounted, handheld, body spray or rain shower head best suits your personal preferences.

What type of materials should you select?

Copper, nickel, brass or bronze? Not only do they each have unique appearances, but each one also reacts to constant humidity differently.

What kind of water valves should you install?

Another factor is deciding on the type of shower valve best suits your needs.

Different valves can determine the water temperature and pressure you get when you turn the taps on.

And remember to think about other members of your household – kids and the elderly especially.


Make the most of your shower space

When it comes to comfort, space is one of the biggest factors.

As local plumbers, we have a couple of tricks that can help you make a room feel bigger and make better use of even a small space:

  • Sink choice: corner, wall-mounted and pedestal basins take up much less room
  • Use mirrors: mirrors create the illusion of space
  • Choose glass: frameless glass cubicles can make your shower feel a lot roomier
  • Sliding doors are a great way to save space!

While space is one of the most important factors in comfort, it’s not the only one.

Another one is aesthetics. Eliminating visual obstruction, light colours and blending tile and wall can all make your bathroom feel cleaner and larger.


Don’t land yourself in hot water – check your water heater!

Before you embark on your bathroom project, be sure to check your water heater. Talk to a professional plumber about:

  • Type: tank vs. tankless water heaters
  • Energy efficiency
  • Capacity: tank systems have fixed capacity
  • Frequency of use: how many people live in your home?
  • Lifespan and maintenance

When planning a shower installation, it pays to look at your water heater first. After all, your shower is pretty useless if your hot water system doesn’t provide enough warm water for you to enjoy!


Hire a professional!

This one is more a non-negotiable than a tip.

Shower installation isn’t only time-consuming, but also extremely complex.

On top of installing a shower head, there’s also the issue of pipes, valves and drains. And if it turns out you need to change your tiling and cubicle, we strongly recommend putting down your tools and hiring an expert.

Not to mention, most DIY plumbing is illegal in Victoria! Always hire a pro.

plumber in Doncaster

More considerations when installing a new shower

  • Consider the height of your showerhead – you and each member of the family
  • Where do you want to position it?
  • Will you need to move any existing pipes?

We advise ensuring your shower head (handheld, wall mount, body spray or otherwise) faces away from or adjacent to your shower door to avoid getting water on your floor.

Proper ventilation in your shower area is also a crucial consideration if you want to avoid mould or mildew.

Air circulation is your secret weapon against mould spores and bacteria. Ventilation is mould’s kryptonite – installing extractor fans and dehumidifiers can go a long way towards keeping your shower area safe from unwelcome growth!


Need a plumber in Doncaster for new shower installation?

Call H2-Pro Plumbing’s local team!

Our team of licensed plumbing professionals are ready to provide you with advice throughout your shower installation – we’ll even take the grunt work off your hands!

Whether it’s a new shower installation, hot water service, bathroom renovations or any other plumbing service (including emergency), call a plumber in Doncaster who’s ready to help out!

Contact us anytime on 9844 1444 or fill in this form and we will be in touch!

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