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A plumber in Templestowe explains what causes common plumbing noises

2018-11-15T00:44:16+00:00 November 9th, 2018|Plumbing|

Gurgles. Bangs. Squeals. Whistling.

It goes without saying that under ideal circumstances, your plumbing shouldn’t be making weird noises like these. So when it does, what does this mean?

Can you afford to ignore it for now…?

…Or should you contact an emergency plumber?

In many cases, these noises are a sign that there’s something seriously wrong with your plumbing.

Should you be worried about these plumbing noises? Absolutely!

These plumbing noises are more than just an annoyance – often, they indicate simple or complex issues in your home’s plumbing system.

So if you’re unsure what to do when situations like these happen, we recommend calling a professional plumber in Templestowe like H2-Pro

They’ll identify the causes of these noises and most importantly, solve them immediately!

Call H2-Pro’s emergency plumbers on (03) 9844 1444 any time of the day or night!


The 5 most plumbing noises – and how to solve them!

Strange noises from your pipes is often a telltale sign that there is an underlying plumbing problem that needs fixing.

What problems exactly?

Well, that depends on the sound – different sounds can mean different things, and can indicate which parts of your plumbing system need your immediate action.

Over the years, we’ve attended many homes in north-east Melbourne that present with abnormally loud plumbing.

While the exact causes are varied, there are a couple of culprits we see time and time again.

Excessively high water pressure

As we’ve mentioned before, high water pressure can actually be harmful – it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, after all!

But on top of wearing out your pipes and increasing your risk of bursts, high water pressure can also cause vibrations and rattling noises.

That’s because highly-pressurised water is strong – why do you think it takes five firefighters to control a fire hose? As such, your pipes can struggle to deal with high water pressure.

Your home plumbing features pressure-limiting valves that, as the name suggests, cap water pressure.

Naturally, problems with these valves are a common cause of high water pressure.

Let an expert plumber in Templestowe install a pressure-reducing valve that regulates the high water pressure and remove the risk of a burst pipe in your home!

Clogged drains

Ever wonder why your sinks make a gurgling sound whenever you drain wastewater?

It might be because you have a clogged drain.

When a pipe or fixture is blocked, water struggles to drain.

Bubbles and trapped air flow out to the nearest available vent, making an impossible-to-miss gurgling noise.

Clogged drains can be caused by anything that can physically block your drain. Some of the more common household culprits include:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Food scraps
  • Hairs
water tap closeup

water tap closeup

Water hammer

What is water hammer?

It’s not a tool your Templestowe plumber uses, that’s for sure – rather, it’s a knocking noise caused when a tap is turned off.

When you turn off a tap, oncoming water suddenly has no where to do.

It smashes into the now shut tap, causing that distinctive (and potentially damaging) “thud” or shuddering noise.

While most taps come with an air cushion that lets the force of oncoming water dissipate, this cushion can become less effective as air is absorbed into the water over time.

Leaking pipes

Drip. Drip. Drip.

With all this talk of annoying plumbing noises, how could we forget our frenemies, leaky taps and pipes?

More than just a nuisance, leaks have the potential to cause significant damage to your home, compromising its structural integrity.

Think of it this way: many pipes run in your ceilings and crawl spaces. A leak here exposes plaster to water. And as we all know, plaster doesn’t do too well when it gets soaked with water!

Unsure where your dripping sound is coming from? Let a professional plumber in Templestowe detect and repair “invisible” pipe leaks.

Hot water problems

Is your hot water heater making weird noises?

If so, get it checked out – it may be suffering from a mechanical fault.

That’s not the only noise that can land you in hot water (we love a cheesy pun!)

Heat causes things to expand. So if you hear a crackling sound every time you take a hot shower, odds are it’s this principle in action!

Your plumbing isn’t immune to expansion. Hot water causes your pipes to expand, with some pipe surfaces and materials especially prone to this.

Let an expert plumber in Templestowe check your pipes out: they can install plastic clamps that reduce contraction and expansion

Whatever you do, do it quickly – it should go without saying that this wears out your pipes and puts you at risk of burst pipes!


What to do when plumbing noises become too much to bear

Whatever you do, don’t ignore abnormal plumbing noises.

Not only are they annoying, but in many cases they’re also indicators of a potential plumbing emergency in the making.

So you detect some of these problems in your home plumbing. What can you do when you hear them?

Check the source of the noise

Noisy pipes don’t just materialise out of thin air – they have a root cause.

The five causes listed above are the most common in our experience – however, they aren’t the only ones.

Be sure to check if the sound is coming from the pipes, drain, toilet, and tank. This gives your plumber a better idea of what to look out for and can speed up the diagnosis.

Modern kitchen metal faucet, cooker hood and ceramic kitchen sink. Ceramic kitchen sink with kitchen table.

Identify what type of sound you’re hearing

On top of identifying roughly where the sound is coming from, it’s also worthwhile to identify what type of noise you’re hearing.

Is it a thud? A shudder? Or perhaps a rattling or gurgling?

Each of these may point to a varying plumbing problem.

Any sound info you can share with your plumber before they show up can again speed up the process.


Call a plumber in Templestowe to get rid of those plumbing noises for good!

Sick and tired of hearing plumbing noises throughout your home whenever you shower, wash, or cook?

If so, call H2-Pro Plumbing!

We’re your local plumber in Templestowe. Based in nearby Warrandyte, we offer rapid emergency plumbing services to homes across the entire north-east of Melbourne.

Contact H2-Pro’s Templestowe plumbers today on 9844 1444 or reach out online for answers to all your plumbing questions!

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