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Need an emergency plumber in Eltham over Christmas? Call H2-Pro!

2018-12-13T01:55:22+00:00 December 7th, 2018|Plumbing|

Can you believe Christmas is already upon us? Seems like only yesterday we were popping champagne, planning getaways and making (and subsequently ignoring) last year’s resolutions!

Rather than being a time to relax and unwind however, for many of us Christmas is even busier than other months!

You might find yourself:

  • Rushing to finish off work before the holiday break
  • Buying presents
  • Organising parties and dinners
  • Preparing your Christmas feast

That’s a lot of work on your plate. As such, Christmas is the last time you’ll want to run into a plumbing emergency!

But if you do, remember that H2-Pro’s plumbers in Eltham are ready to offer 24/7 plumbing support throughout the entire Christmas period!

Call us anytime on (03) 9844 1444 to get immediate advice and support from our team.

The usual suspects: what makes Christmas such a common time for plumbing emergencies?


While clogs can occur at any time of year, in our experience the number of calls we receive for blocked drains and pipes skyrockets during the silly season!

One of the reasons for this is the big Christmas lunch or dinner.

We get it – when you have a greasy or oily oven tray, you just want to get the cleaning over and done with. Especially with a whole bunch of other Christmas food to prepare!

A lot of people decide to take the path of least resistance. Instead of disposing of grease and oil properly, they decide to chuck it down the drain, along with a ton of food debris.

The problem is that this oil and grime clings to your pipes. Worse, it solidifies over time, turning into a nasty jelly-like substance.

The result? A blocked drain!

Smelly drains

Another consequence of pouring food debris and grease down your drain is smelly drains.

Stuff that gets trapped in your drain has a tendency to rot and decay over time. This causes some truly nasty smells to start wafting out of your kitchen sink.

Not to mention, these blockages provide food for mould growth. Your drain already has moisture and darkness – all it needs now is the food for mould to start thriving!

Running out of hot water

Luckily, we in Australia blessed with a warm summer Christmas.

That means that compared to our friends in the northern hemisphere, we’re much less likely to land in hot water over Christmas (pun intended!)

However, just because we don’t have to deal with the cold doesn’t mean you won’t be using hot water!

Melbourne has a bit of a reputation for unpredictable weather. Who knows, we might be hit with a powerful cold front over Christmas – and this is on top of all the hot water we use for cooking and washing.

For those of us using hot water storage systems (most of us), this runs the risk of running out of hot water altogether.

Add in the fact that many of us are going to be hosting relatives over the Christmas break, and that’s a whole load of extra strain on your hot water system.

If you’re concerned your hot water system isn’t up to task, why not organise an inspection before things head south?

Christmas emergency plumbing

How to avoid a plumbing emergency this Christmas

Dispose of cooking waste properly

To reduce the risk of blocked drains, it’s important to dispose of cooking grease the proper way.

Instead of pouring it down your sink and letting it settle in your pipes, instead consider putting it in a bag, sealing it, and disposing it in your waste bin.

It’s a little bit of extra effort that protects your pipes from blockages. Not to mention, it leaves your kitchen feeling cleaner (in our humble opinion!)

Invest in a plunger

You can find general-use cup plungers at any $2 store, and specialist plungers can be found at your local hardware store.

That’s because while Christmas is the busy season for emergency plumbers just like us, some of the minor blockages you’ll run into may be solved on your own – with a bit of elbow grease, of course.

We know, we know. The last thing you want to do during your Christmas break is plumbing maintenance.

So if you think the issue is beyond your ability – trust your gut and instead call a professional plumber to come to your home and investigate and solve the issue!

Buy drain filters

Even if you dispose of food debris the proper way, it’s just inevitable: at least some of it is going to end up going down your drain.

The solution? Drain strainers and filters.

They’re simple and cheap. Moreover, they’re also surprisingly effective at catching any stragglers and protecting your drains!

Book a plumbing inspection with your local plumber

While you can do a lot to avoid an expensive callout to an emergency plumber in Eltham, there are some plumbing tasks that only a professional plumber can do for you.

Case in point: hot water plumbing.

You don’t have the tools to dismantle and repair a hot water system. Nor do you know what each part does, and how they contribute to your hot water.

Luckily, a professional plumber does.

That’s just one of the ways your local plumber can prepare you for Christmas. On top of that, a plumbing inspection also looks at:

  • The health of your pipes – we identify damaged and worn pipes, and provide solutions
  • Hidden leaks – leaks hidden in your wall cavities can cause long-term water damage
  • Water pressure – you don’t want a weak dribble of water when you turn on your taps

Before Christmas swings into high gear, we recommend booking a plumbing inspection with your local plumber.

Not only will this help you identify potential problems, but it also ensures that any issues are fixed before they cause bigger problems during your Christmas festivities!

Need an emergency plumber in Eltham this Christmas? Call H2-Pro Plumbing!

When we say we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing, we really mean it.

Weekends, after-hours public holidays… you name it, and our friendly team will be there.

That includes all of Christmas too!

We aren’t hanging up our boots these holidays – our team of emergency plumbers will be working throughout the Christmas break.

Give us a call at any time during the Christmas holidays and we’ll dispatch one of our fully licensed plumbers!

And since we only work locally, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll enjoy a speedy response time.

Worried your plumbing might give out this Christmas? Bookmark our number – that’s (03) 9844 1444 – just in case you need an emergency plumber in Eltham or anywhere else in Melbourne’s northeast.

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