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A plumber in Mitcham uncovers 6 unmissable signs of a dodgy plumber

2020-09-17T04:29:45+00:00 May 24th, 2018|Plumbing|

Plumbers (and many other tradies) have an undeserved reputation for being unclean, rude, and overall, dodgy.

Fortunately, this is an attitude that’s slowly changing.

Of course, just like any other industry, there are bound to be a couple of rotten apples here and there.

While good plumbers far outweigh their sketchier competition, it’s still important for homeowners to remain vigilant.

Many people fall for plumbers that are inefficient, unskilled or straight-up dodgy, wasting huge amounts of money and time.

To avoid being caught in these kinds of situations, you’ll need to be on your guard. Keep an eye out for these warning signs if you want to avoid hiring a dodgy plumber!

(And instead, why not choose a licensed, friendly, qualified, and experienced team of plumbers in Mitcham? Choose H2-Pro!)


Sign 1: They won’t show you their license

In our opinion, “unregulated” plumbing work never pays off.

Normally when we say this, we’re referring to DIY plumbing. However, the same applies to dodgy plumbers!

Plumbing codes do more than keep bureaucrats employed – they exist to protect your home and property from the dangers of shoddy plumbing work by imposing mandatory skills and knowledge.

One such measure we can get behind is licensing. Anyone can learn how to fix a leaky tap thanks to YouTube.

But most importantly, a plumbing license ensures that any plumbing advice you receive is backed up by knowledge, experience and many years of rigorous training.

If your plumber can’t (or won’t) show you their license, can you really afford to let them loose on your pipes?

If you’re not sure whether your plumber is fully licensed, you can use this handy database.

Plumber in Mitcham

Sign 2: You didn’t call them… THEY called YOU!

One red flag when it comes to plumbing may be plumbers that go door-to-door or nag you over the phone with “affordable” plumbing services.

Every plumber needs to advertise – that’s how we get our business, after all!

However, unsolicited plumbing advice is often a sign of either an unscrupulous or desperate plumber.

Plumbing is, by its nature, a “responsive” industry – most homeowners come to us, and normally only when there’s a problem and you need us.

If a plumber is actively seeking work, they might be on the ropes financially. And that means you should be wary about being ripped off or upsold.

It’s not uncommon to have an unsolicited call for a “free water heater inspection” end with a completely new water heater!


Sign 3: They won’t give you anything in writing

As a customer, it’s important that you’re always on the lookout for hidden charges that your plumber (or anyone, for that matter) might bill you.

Be sure to ask for a written quote or contract before allowing a plumber to start working. This way, you can go over the exact price for the service and the time frame for its completion yourself.

Good plumbers will put it out in the open, so their customers know exactly what to expect.

Most dodgy plumbers, who have something to hide, won’t do the same.

Maybe they want the freedom to raise prices after-the-fact, or they might be hiding trumped-up expenses.

Avoid sticker shock after your plumber does their work. Ask for paperwork upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying for.


Sign 4: Your plumber might quote you without even inspecting the problem

If you receive a job price immediately without an inspection, then you’d better start looking for a different plumber.

Every home is unique. Because of that, every plumbing problem is unique. That’s why any plumber worth their salt starts with an inspection!

You can be pretty confident that a plumber who throws out a number, sight unseen, isn’t one you should be trusting with your home.

Determining the exact problem before quoting is the most basic step in diagnosing and fixing plumbing problems. It simply results in the best possible outcome for not only our customer, but our business, too: we know exactly what we need to charge for and have a pretty good idea of how long it will take.


Sign 5: Alternatively, they might quote you TOO low!

Sometimes, you can have the opposite problem – your plumber might be going too cheap!

Everybody loves a bargain. However, there are some things you should never, ever go cheap on.

And one of them is your plumbing!

High-quality components cost money. While a reputable plumber will try to give you the best price, a plumber that quotes a significantly lower price is one you should be wary of. How can you be sure they won’t cut corners or choose bargain basement components?

Sign 6: Does your plumber display professionalism in all aspects of not only plumbing, but customer service, too?

They say you should never trust someone who’s rude to their waiter.

And when it comes to plumbers, you should never trust one that doesn’t demonstrate the utmost professionalism.

Unlike the other red flags we’ve highlighted, this one’s not as easy to pin down. That said, there are still some things you can keep an eye out for:

  • Is your plumber on time?
  • Do they make excuses for tardiness, missed phone calls, or poor communication?
  • Do they treat your home and property with respect?
  • Does your plumber stick to his deadlines?
  • Do they clean up after themselves?
  • How are their customer service skills?

At H2-Pro, we’re immensely proud of the service we deliver. We know how important your home (and plumbing) are to you. That’s why we make it our mission to arrive on-time and do the job without making a mess.

Emergency plumber Mitcham

Avoid a dodgy plumber – contact a plumber in Mitcham you can trust!

So, there you have it. Our 6 red flags.

Best of all, most of these signs don’t just apply to plumbers – in fact, they can be used for most tradies!

If you need a trustworthy and qualified Mitcham plumber to look after your home’s plumbing, you can’t go past the crew at H2-Pro!

Our team of plumbers tick all the boxes (and more):

  • Our team is fully-licensed and insured
  • We’ll provide you with accurate and honest pricing
  • We’re big fans of outstanding customer service
  • We begin every job with a thorough inspection

And that’s just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg! If you live in Melbourne’s north-east, you can expect more than just stellar service. Register with us for 10% off all plumbing jobs – for life!

When you choose H2-Pro as your trusted plumbers in Mitcham, you’ll quickly come to rely on our team of tradies for all your plumbing needs.

Got a question or want to book an inspection? Call our friendly team on (03) 9844 1444 or fill in this form and we will be in touch!

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