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A plumber in Templestowe explains how drain cameras help unblock drains and pipes

2018-10-16T11:44:35+00:00 July 6th, 2018|Plumbing|

Not sure why your drain is blocked? If only there was some way to see inside your pipes to figure out what’s stopping water from flowing. How does your plumber do it without disassembling half your entire bathroom?

As your plumber in Templestowe, we’ll let you in on a little secret: drain cameras.

Yes, just because we work mainly with our hands doesn’t mean your local plumber can’t keep up with the latest in technology!

Just like how medical practitioners perform scans to determine what’s going on inside the body, drain cameras allow your plumber to conduct more accurate pipeline inspections and better diagnose (and therefore solve) your problems.

Drain cameras let us go deeper to detect the root cause of blocked drainage.

Apart from that though, there are other benefits of using drain cameras to inspect your pipes!


Reason #1: drain cameras are cost-effective

In the old days, your plumber would diagnose blockages by:

  • Cutting the water supply
  • Draining the water from your pipe
  • Dismantling the affected length of pipe
  • Manually inspecting for blockages

Needless to say, diagnosing the cause of a blockage used to be a slow process… not to mention, potentially extremely messy!

Thanks to better cameras and improved technology, we’re able to get inside your pipes without having to dismantle anything.

That means we’re able to diagnose the problems much quicker, and with a fraction of the work we’d have to do before.


Reason #2: drain inspection is much faster

When you experience a blocked drain, without a doubt your first priority is getting it fixed, ASAP.

Like we mentioned above, the old-fashioned methods of drain inspection can be real time sinks (no pun intended).

Our camera systems use a high-resolution camera and light, fitted to a flexible and lengthy cable. This cable – which feeds HD footage to an attached LCD monitor – is inserted into the affected drain.

This lets us locate exactly what’s causing the problem and where it’s happening.

Drain cameras can go as far as hard-to-reach areas, taking the guesswork out of drain inspections.

Cameras allow your plumber to diagnose your drain problems much quicker. And that means we’re able to get to work clearing it out much sooner!


Reason #3: drain cameras mean you receive a better service

This plumber in Templestowe is all about ensuring you receive the best possible service. It’s part of our mantra, after all – we C.A.R.E!

Part of that is making sure we do the job properly the first time. And that requires an accurate diagnosis right off the bat.

Along with convenience and speed, drain cameras also give more accurate results.

Using drain cameras, your H2-Pro plumber can see with their very own eyes the cause of your blockage. We will be able to determine exactly what needs to be done, and then get started on solving it.


Reason #4: drain cameras protect your front garden

Yes, we mean it!

In most houses in north-east Melbourne, the sewer connection pipe runs under the front garden.

As a result, blockages here often force your plumber to dig up chunks of your front yard.

Fortunately, drain cameras can reduce the amount of excavation required.

Cameras tell your plumber exactly which section of your sewer pipe is experiencing a blockage. That means when the time comes to unclog it, they’re able to excavate that specific area of your yard… and no more!

Emergency Plumber

Call a plumber in Templestowe to unblock your drains

Plumbing is an ancient profession.

But plumbers’ jobs have changed as they’ve adapted to new uses for plumbing, materials, and technology.

Over the years, cameras have also evolved from big, boxy things that used film to tiny HD-capable devices the size of a pin.

Being forward-thinking plumbers, H2-Pro Plumbing was quick to make drain cameras part of our toolbox!

Using CCTV drain cameras, your plumber in Templestowe is able to not only speed up the diagnosis process, but effectively clear your drains with pinpoint precision.

We provide you with complete plumbing services, including:

  • Blocked drains
  • Burst and leaking pipes
  • Hot water services
  • Taps, showers, sinks, basins and toilets
  • Emergency plumbing service
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations

Get immediate plumbing advice from Tony and his Templestowe plumbing team.

Call (03) 9844 1444 or book an inspection online for all of your domestic and emergency plumbing needs.

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